Low fixed costs + flat hierarchy = cost-effective translation rates

Mathematics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but some sums just add up! Despite the fact that only professional, experienced, native-speaking translators translate for Austin Languages, we can offer our services at a very reasonable price, as the earnings we generate do not have to cover high fixed costs or manager salaries, for instance.


We (almost) work around the clock!

We know that, in today’s day and age, so many target texts were already ideally due yesterday! 

This is why we also offer express translation services which include:

  • Translations with an under 24-hour or same-day turnaround (8:00-18:00 business hours)

  • Translations with a 24-hour, weekend or public holiday turnaround

Additional fees for such translations depend on the specific deadline, language pair, text length and difficulty.

A higher fee would only be charged for the most extreme cases i.e. lengthy, highly-specialised technical documents with a two-hour deadline, for instance.


We only work with qualified translators

In contrast to many other translation providers, all of the translators in the Austin Languages network are, without exception, qualified professionals. This means they hold university bachelor and/or master degrees in translation or equivalent qualifications such as state certification. This accreditation serves as a reflection of their skills and capabilities and the commitment they have to their profession.


We are experts in our specialist translation fields

We know how important it is that the texts you receive from us are technically and stylistically accurate. When it comes to written material, each sector has its own individual features which have to be incorporated into the target texts in an appropriate manner. You can rest assured that your translator will not only have current, in-depth knowledge of your business sector but also its corresponding norms. Furthermore, this expertise will already have been put to good use to create many other previous translations for a wide range of clients. This increases the authenticity of the target text produced and guarantees that, among other things, appropriate terminology is applied in a style typical to your industry.


Target texts targeted to target audiences!

Austin Languages translators always translate into their native languages to ensure effective, authentic and fluent communication to your target readers. Native speakers know the difference between American and British English, for instance, and so do we! If your text is tailored towards young technology enthusiasts, then so will ours! Rather than just passively translating texts, we always make sure we have the relevant information about your context and our translation’s purpose, as this affects how we translate even before we begin! We also offer localisation to adapt texts to specific international readerships.


Close-knit network

Our professional translation network is tightly interwoven. We support each other and share experiences. In turn, you benefit from our collaborative approach as we can ensure we consistently perform to the best of our abilities and therefore provide you with high-quality, fit-for-purpose translations.


Our project management process is tried and tested!

All of our translators follow the same project management process to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that everything runs smoothly.


We work WITH you as well as FOR you!

Our translators make it their duty to do their homework to ensure they are up-to-date with the goings on in your industry. When we receive a project, we gladly offer to go the extra mile by discussing your preferred terminology and stylistic choices rather than simply leaving synonym selection and other factors such as tone and register to the translators. This not only ensures consistency and improves the quality of the text you receive, it also saves you time as we can create glossaries to be used in future translation assignments. Depending on your location, we will also gladly meet you in person to discuss your needs further. If geographical restraints make travelling inconvenient, we offer video calls in addition to standard telephone calls and e-mails.


Dual control principle: two heads are better than one!

One of the options available as part of the translation process is a dual control principle. Once translator A finishes a text, translator B reviews it beside the original text to look for errors and makes suggestions for improvement. Translator A, who is ultimately responsible for the translation, then assesses translator B’s remarks and decides whether to incorporate the changes. Applying this approach increases quality as the margin for error is reduced and the added input from the second translator allows for texts to be improved further. However, even without the dual control option, every translation is of course proofread and thoroughly reviewed by the translator before delivery.


We love what we do…and it shows!

The high quality of the translations we produce is proof of how intrinsically motivated we are. We take great enjoyment from the creative aspect of our profession and consider ourselves an important link in the chain for our clients.

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Tel.: +49 (0) 40 84706661


Austin Languages is proud to offer consistently high quality translations which are produced by qualified, experienced translation experts who only translate into their native languages.

Our clients stem from many different industries and sectors and the projects they commission us with vary greatly in terms of length, turnaround time, language pair and variation, subject matter and style.

Our reliable translators have mastered the art of translation and have all translated a wide range of texts from different fields to the satisfaction of our clients. They have excelled in both their source and target languages and possess the necessary skills to produce texts which are fit for purpose. We have specialists for technical, sales and marketing and legal translations which means that the probability we have a suitable translator in our close-knit network is high.


We are confident that a native speaker would never realise one of our texts is a translation and not the original!

Don't just take our word for it. Contact us to find out for yourself!