Our experienced reviewers are on hand to 'lend' you their expert eyes and add the finishing touches to your text, making sure it is professional and 100% fit for purpose!
We can guarantee that your reader will never realise your text was written by a non-native speaker.

Give your text the 'wow!' factor and attract new customers!

Proofreading: General Correction


We can help you by...


  • Correcting your errors e.g. grammar, spelling, punctuation

  • Rectifying textual inaccuracies and ambiguity

  • Ensuring clarity and coherence

  • Checking language variation consistency e.g. British or US English

  • Spotting non-compliance with style sheets or layouting and formatting errors e.g. broken links and cross references, incorrect illustration titles and so on

Proofreading and Editing: Complete Re-Working


In addition, we can...


  • Re-work complete paragraphs and sections at lexical level to improve flow

  • Give your text sophistication and flair by enhancing your vocabulary

  • Amend your text for a particular target group

  • Insert appropriate idioms and/or buzzwords and boost impact

  • Modify the style to make a text more persuasive and appealing

  • Detect word repetition and replace over-used terms with impressive synonyms

All of our amendments are clearly indicated for your convenience.

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